The Dodge Durango is a popular mid-size SUV for drivers who enjoy extra cargo space in its interior as well as exterior.

The Durango has several exterior features that add convenience as well as cargo space. Its roof rack system frees up extra room inside your car by putting your bikes, cargo, and even your kayak on your rooftop. With the ability to handle up to 150 pounds of cargo, the rack is also equipped with a bike carrier that has self-adjusting jaws to ensure that your bike is clamped down safely. Another convenient feature is the Durango’s keyless entry feature. You can unlock your doors without pressing the key fob, as long as you have it on you. This is helpful when you have your hands full of gear.

Stop by Lakeland Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Inc in Greenville, PA and take a Dodge Durango for a test drive today and look at all the new exterior features that it offers.

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